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3GL Therapy

Building on 20 years of research and numerous international scientific publications in the field of human physiology, cell metabolism, nutritional biochemistry and ergophysiology, the scientific team of the Physiology Laboratory of the University of Thessaly’s Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology has, in collaboration with the start-up company EATWALK, developed a fully personalised, phenotypic, health intervention based on nutrition and exercise, called 3GL THERAPY.

By deciphering the three most important biomarkers for metabolic health – glycogen, glucose and glutathione (the main endogenous antioxidant against free radicals) – they have created a specific protocol for the measurement-analysis of these markers to quantify the actual needs of the organism in fuel, antioxidants and cellular protection.

A patented technique

In this way, they have developed a unique model which, by acting on the level of blood glucose regulation, its stocks in the muscles and liver (glycogen), and the levels of cellular stocks in antioxidant protection against aging and cellular damage (glutathione), reactivates metabolic yield and wellness and anti-aging.

With just a few drops of blood from your finger, using a patented BIO-LAB technique, the cellular needs in metabolic regulation and activation, anti-aging, wellness, cellular protection and longevity can be determined within 10 minutes and with 100% reliability.

3GL Therapy is designed to be effective when followed by a diet of smaller, more regular meals taken throughout the day, which is why guests who book a Euphoria Retreat spa programme will benefit from two complimentary healthy snacks which not only taste delicious but also significantly boost metabolism and energy levels.

Welcome to the world of 3GL THERAPY

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