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"My personal journey of self-discovery involves a series of events going back to my youth.

It was around 20 years ago when, overworked and over-stressed in my job in investment banking, I took an alternative holiday to a destination spa for a fortnight.

It was such a transformational experience that, when I returned, I took home not only my yoga and meditation practice but also a decision for my future. I would create a place where people like me, or with similar needs, could come, feel at home, be nurtured and guided to embark on their own personal journey to a more holistic, socially aware and spiritually satisfying way of life.

The origins of euphoria

So I visited many healing places and spas around the world. Every time I was filled with ideas and inspiration, but I also felt that something was missing. Not so much in the amenities and treatments, but in the soul of the place. Too often, the process of transformation was linked to sacrifice and denial, key features of Eastern philosophies.

I discovered that the answer to my quest lay in my Greek heritage. For Ancient Greek philosophers, individual freedom of choice was a cornerstone of their world view. So, too, responsibility, not only to the state but also to yourself. Most of all, they viewed life as joyful, sensual, full of exciting potential for growth and discovery.

My vision now has a name, Euphoria Retreat, which encapsulates the entire concept: a place to which people can retreat and be welcomed within a joyful and warm-hearted atmosphere, in order to feel the power of healing, in whatever way they need, be it physical, emotional or even spiritual.

The grace of healing

The commitment of Euphoria Retreat is consistent with the grace of healing that has been ever-present in my life. At a young age, I was confronted with a life-threatening illness and was given the opportunity to overcome it. It was a pivotal experience that revealed a path of self-discovery and inspired the desire to share what had been so generously offered to me.

It has taken a personal journey of dedication, re-education and perseverance to fulfill that desire. Today, as Euphoria Retreat comes to life, I feel enormous gratitude that I have been given the opportunity to realise my dream and share my journey and passion with others.

This is what inspires our healing philosophy.

Your life, your journey."

Marina Efraimoglou

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