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Autumn is usually a time of relief and renewal. And yet, this year, like everything in the last 18 months, things are not quite the same. What we are witnessing, after 18 months of upheaval and discord, is that there is still a lot of fear in the air. There is hesitancy around travel, hanging out with friends, going to parties and the like. What we, at Euphoria, would like to offer you is an invitation to reclaim your ‘self’.

The pandemic is not going to go away. So, we must accept to a degree of uncertainty because we are not talking about a return to ‘normal’. We are talking about remembering who we are, rediscovering our desires and living our lives in the fullest way possible. Our founder, Marina, found that committing to a friend to go on a trip abroad helped her to overcome any fears she might be holding about travelling again. As soon as she was both financially and emotionally invested there was no looking back. The feelings that trip instigated in her – freedom, release, independence – became the inspiration for our new ‘Feel Alive Again’ programme (read more about it here). Connection with nature, and with other people, are two of the most important antidotes to these times. Trying something new and building a new experience map is another powerful method to overcome fear – and you don’t have to bungy jump off a mountain, you can try one of our Five Elements Dance classes instead! On a more serious note, expressing your (often supressed) feelings, freeing up your voice and breathing properly can all help to subtly and subconsciously move, soften, and ultimately let go of fear. All of this is why time spent at Euphoria is so meaningful and why we so look forward to welcoming you back.

Wishing you courage and light as we enter a new era,

The Team at Euphoria

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