Tips to balance & harness the wood personality




To harness the wood elements of your personality it is important to move, get out of the house and immerse yourself in nature and fresh air. Nature is ever renewing and spring reminds us that we too can bloom again. Seek out open vistas which encourage you to expand your horizons and visions. It’s also important to create as much flexibility as possible in the body so your wood element doesn’t get stuck. We want to keep our livers, and ourselves, open and expansive. If you have pent up anger and frustrations, find ways to express and relieve yourself. Exercise is often the ideal tonic. Wood personalities love to take up something new – so perhaps try boxing or continually switch up your routine. Anything that helps you to move in new and challenging ways.


Wood is connected with the eyes, and spring is the season to look forwards and act in accordance with the plan for your life. Yet, wood personalities do need to be careful that their visions are not ‘my way or the highway’, and that they stay generous and flexible. It’s all about moving forwards and changing things for the greater good in a way that is also inspirational to others. The frequency of togetherness ensures the wood side of our personality doesn’t get stuck. The ideal is to synthesise the left and right sides of the brain and take a balanced approach to nourishing dreams into plans. It should feel enlivening and fulfilling in a sustainable way.


Connecting to the higher state of our wood personalities is about listening to others and coming into kindness. Spring is a good time to plan get-togethers with those who inspire us and mutually share insights for a better future. To be optimistic we need to connect with optimism. This may be reflected in the company we keep (or don’t keep). It can also be nurtured in a ‘positivity journal’ where we record and cultivate the plus points of our days – an excellent way to harness wood personalities. Train your mind to find and notice the positive in the little details of life– what have you done that was joyous or took you in a new direction? Another method for staying positive is to share our joy and knowledge with others. Sharing is a way to synthesise what we have learnt and to enter and work in the collective. Wood personalities truly shine when they adopt this approach.


Spring is a time for cleansing so that we can make way for the new. Wood personalities truly thrive when they cleanse well. So, add greens to your diet to help detoxify the liver. Green apple juice, homemade in the mornings, is an ideal start to the day (and more palatable than celery!). It also helps to abstain from alcohol and processed foods. If you can find a sauna or steam to help further detox your system this will also balance the wood element of your constitution, so too adding Epsom salts to a bath. Spring is also the ideal time of year to spring clean your house a la Marie Kondo, the Japanese queen of house clearing. Discard anything that no longer sparks joy. In Greece, we like to take everything out into the sun, let air into the house, beat the rugs! Allow fresh energy into your space. Bring spring inside. Allow your wood personality freedom and adventure.

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