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Unleash your inner warrior


Spartan training & outdoor activities

Unleash your inner warrior

Central to any stay at Euphoria is our food. Unlike many destination spas, here each guest eats differently according to their individual needs. Which is why meals are not included in our programmes. Our ‘3GLs’ Test will provide invaluable insight into how your body metabolizes food. Perhaps you need to boost your vitamin intake and balance your mind and mood.

Or maybe you want to change a long-term unhealthy relationship with food. Whatever your results show, whatever your goals, the Euphoria approach is not about deprivation –it is about balance and enjoyment. We offer a scientifically proven healthy, Mediterranean diet.

What is Sparta?

It is not an imaginary, mythical place. Sparta is a very real location in the Peloponnese, just 5 km from Euphoria Retreat. The greater region of Sparta is considered to be hallowed, holy ground since this was the birthplace of ancient Greece’s most notorious warriors whose strict training regime, known as agōgē, and austere mentality only accepted two alternatives in the face of battle: victory or death.

There is no better location to unleash your inner warrior and train like a true Spartan, inspired by the heroism and unwavering spirit that has made the Spartan legacy echo through the eons. Join us in Autumn for a series of outdoor retreats and activities that honour our Spartan ancestors’ courage and martial prowess, for a Spartan soul-lifting experience that pushes your boundaries.

THIS is Sparta!

Euphoria Retreat
Euphoria Retreat


30/9/22 – 1/10/22

An international, historical ultramarathon from Athens to Sparta, covering a total of 245 km. It is an ultra-distance race that follows the footsteps of Pheidippides, an ancient Athenian long distance runner who, in 490 BC, was sent to Sparta on foot to seek Spartan aid in the battle of Marathonas against the Persians.

Euphoria Retreat

Spartan Adventure at Euphoria Retreat

20 – 23/10/22 & 21 – 24/11/22

Go on a week-long Spartan Adventure that lets you explore all the beauty and history of the land of the Spartans through a series of outdoor activities that range in intensity, improving your physical fitness & inner resilience. Post-training, indulge in recuperation time as you enjoy Euphoria Retreat’s amazing spa facilities, like a rejuvenating dive in the sphere pool or a soothing soak at the Byzantine Hammam.


Guest and Expert testing our Signature Nutrigenomics, one of the best weight loss retreat for adults at Euphoria Retreat that tests your habits and lifestyle against your genetic code.
Euphoria Retreat

Spartan Race

4 – 6/11/22

Offering participants four race options, you will be able to find the perfect Spartan Race for you. They range from sprint races of 5 km with obstacles to super races of 10 km with obstacles, also including a kids race between 1-3 km as well as the ultimate Trifecta race that is most suited to more experienced athletes.