Delicious healing food, served with love

All the authenticity, purity and energy of Euphoria Retreat is shared with guests in the GAIA restaurant.

Taking its name from the ancient Greek word for Earth (Γαῖα), the GAIA restaurant embodies all the authenticity and purity of Euphoria Retreat and the energy of the nurturing soil of the Peloponnese. It provides a special setting that allows delicious food to be enjoyed in a spirit of pure enjoyment.

Tables are arranged to encourage guests to share their day’s experience and feel part of a community, although privacy is also possible. With panoramic views of the valley and the citrus groves and the opportunity of enjoying your meal under the mulberry trees on the terrace or under the grapevine of the inner court, your appetite will never be healthier.

Nature’s way

Whether you are enjoying a personalised dietary meal plan of a wellness programme, or the GAIA restaurant’s à la carte gourmet or set menu options, dishes are prepared daily with wholesome seasonal ingredients. Fresh herbs, antioxidant-packed spices and essential nutrients help digestion and boost your metabolism. There is also a bar that offers fresh and healthy drinks, smoothies and light alcohol.

Sharing our philosophy

Within the GAIA Restaurant is a special kitchen for cookery lessons, where our chefs and nutritionists look forward to sharing their knowledge and answering questions on our nutritional philosophy and healthy Mediterranean diet. Just why is salt, like extra-virgin olive oil, added at the end of the cooking process? What ingredients are the richest in antioxidants and what role does this play on regulating your metabolism?

And just why does the special energy of the Peloponnese taste so good?