spa hotel Greece
spa hotel Greece

In a land blessed by nature and near year-round sunshine, all the ingredients of the famed Mediterranean diet are in place to offer a unique nutritional experience that won’t just leave you feeling energised and healthy but also tastes delicious.

Local and ancient recipes have been adapted at Euphoria Retreat to maximise their health benefits, while retaining all the flavour and spirit of the surrounding Peloponnese countryside.

With a wide range of mouth-watering local produce, most food options – meat, vegetarian, gluten-free, vegan – are organic. Some will even have been grown in our vegetable & herb garden, and almost all of it is sourced from producers known by their first name.

Naturally healthy

It is then down to our team of expert nutritionists and talented chefs to work their magic. Extra-virgin olive oil, like salt, is added to finish a dish so that its nutritional properties are fully retained. Frying is, naturally, forbidden.

All the meals enjoyed within the GAIA restaurant or in the Leoncini Mansion’s private dining room are made with healthy and wholesome ingredients, fresh herbs and vegetables, antioxidant-packed spices, and all the essential nutrients of Greek cuisine.

Healing food

Our dietary philosophy outlines that eating wholesome seasonal products and taking regular, smaller meals during the day are the optimal way to regulate the precise metabolic needs to detoxify the body, boost metabolism, fight inflammation and reinforce the immune system.

In this way, the nutritional plans of guests enjoying spa programmes include two smaller snacks between main meals. A selection of nuts and seeds rich in essential therapy oils, herbal teas with extraordinary health benefits, and energy-giving protein shakes ensures the delicious healing experience of Euphoria Retreat lasts right through your stay.

As Hippocrates put it: Let food be your medicine.