Wellbeing Destination Spa
Wellbeing Destination Spa

A Holistic wellbeing destination spa

A unique blend of ancient healing practices and philosophies promises meaningful life change.

Welcome to the first step on your journey of personal transformation. A wellbeing destination spa in the mythical Greek Peloponnese, Euphoria Retreat offers a unique healing environment, with treatments and therapies that blend ancient Hellenic and Chinese philosophies and practices.

We look forward to guiding you to meaningful life change in a setting where nature and history combine in a remarkable way. All the energy and mysticism of the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Mystras, embraced by a rich scenery of Mediterranean mountains, lush valleys and beautifully landscaped grounds that inspire total serenity and relaxation.

The ancient world’s fundamental elements (water, wood, fire, earth, metal) and their related energies find expression and balance in our programme of personalised therapies and retreats. Every last detail created with love and precision by a team of consultants and therapists, according to scientifically-proven testing methods and bespoke healing plans.

A personal journey

At the heart of your experience is the innovatively designed Euphoria Retreat Spa. Each of its four levels guides your transformative journey - Sphere Pool, tepidarium, Byzantine Hammam, salt cave, Watsu pool, yoga and fitness rooms and so much more, with treatments customised to address all your emotional and physical needs.

Byzantine art and Zen minimalism create a dreamy ambience in all guest rooms, and delicious and healthy personalised nutritional plans ensure that your time at Euphoria Retreat is filled with absolute comfort and sensual pleasure.

Our passionate team is ready to welcome you with an open heart and gently guide you each step of the way: to open your soul, body and mind and, ultimately, to learn how to become your own healer … and experience the state of health and joy known to the ancient Greeks as Euphoria.