Thoughts & Reflections


Dear Euphorians,

At last, we welcome in spring, the season of bright new beginnings and fresh chances. At this time of year when we look to nature we start to witness a celebration of joy, energy and life. It’s time for us to channel these qualities ourselves. It can be easy to forget that our primary service to the world is to stay self-poised, optimistic and peaceful. Only then can we rejuvenate others and instigate positive change in the world. Spring is associated with the wood element, and wood personalities are our focus for this month. When wood personalities are balanced they are committed, assertive and confident and show great leadership.

It is exactly these qualities that we need to nurture if we intend to plan and strategize for a better future. If you are serious about instigating change you may also like to consider Euphoria Retreat’s Holistic Leadership Retreat in June, the ideal retreat for wood personalities. It’s one of my personal favourites and has proved revolutionary for previous participants.

Do join us.

Let’s together create our own new starts.

We hope to see you soon,

With love and light, Marina



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