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Be Playful


Ways to balance the water constitution in Winter

Our water personality is more prominent in winter which provides an opportunity for everyone to work on their water element, feed their dreams and creativity and deeply rest.  The playful child has a strong will to survive and, as adults, this aspect of ourselves can be nourished and harnessed. For example, every decision we make can be more approached more playfully. Keeping this childlike aspect helps prevent us from being too serious or taking ourselves too seriously which turn helps us to hold life lightly and move forwards gently and upstream.

Ways to stay playful: Engaging in the arts, listening to music, being playful, being around children, living in flow. Being playful is also a mindset. Be mindful, watch and smile at yourself from a distance, know that you are beautifully human and that, like water, you can move with the currents and that everything is just as it should be. If you can approach life like a dance, indeed dance yourself, then life will mirror this joyful nature back to you.


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