Euphoria Retreat

Introducing the Earth Element


Autumn is a time associated with the Earth Element which is just what we need as a planet right now. Earth provides us, literally, with the ground beneath our feet. It is about stability and nourishment and its qualities are contentment, satisfaction, and being able to feel happy with the little things. When we are well nourished mentally, physically and spiritually, we feel centred, stable and grounded. Who doesn’t need to feel like this right now? The more you move into these qualities – the more you increase your faith in life. Imagine reaching an understanding that life is abundant enough to provide for you. Not in terms of Jaguars and champagne (although a little bit of sparkle is more than allowed)– but in terms of what you actually need. There is a simplicity and humbleness to living and acting with the energy of earth which allows you to believe, on a cellular level, that you will be taken care of and supported.

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