As the festive season draws near, we invite you to take a conscious break from the negativity and uncertainty of our times. Not to pretend that everything is OK, but to look beyond the stresses and struggles of our world for a short time, and focus on the joy and love of Christmas time. Be present with your loved ones, savour the small moments, and take the time to reflect on your everyday life. Observe your daily routines, and notice how each makes you feel.

Be honest with yourself as you sort through which of these serves you and inspires positive feelings. Then, embracing the ‘letting go’ energy of the Metal element, decide which of these habits you can leave behind as you step into a fresh new year (and we move on to the element of Water). One of the benefits of allowing yourself the gift of time, space and energy to focus on yourself is a deeper sense of gratitude for everything you have. As well as encouraging a greater sense of wellbeing, gratitude is a key ingredient in reciprocity. This inspires us to think of others and to give back to our loved ones and to society as a whole. To embrace the true spirit of Christmas. And to begin the New Year in a positive state of mind and with the intention of being the very best version of yourself.

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