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December 2023

As we step into this enchanting, festivity-filled month, we invite you to take a unique journey with us—one where you embrace your inner Grinch. In a world that bombards us with expectations of unbridled joy, optimism, and festivity, we acknowledge that it’s okay not to feel the conventional Christmas cheer. This season, we encourage you to be authentic, acknowledging any feelings of unease, pessimism, or melancholy. In this newsletter, we unveil the transformative force of affirmations.

Let us lead you on a journey where practicing affirmations ignites a profound shift in your mood. It’s not necessary for us to change our entire outlook; all we have to do is embrace Acceptance and what we’re currently feeling, knowing fully that it’s absolutely acceptable to take as much time as we need for this process. The Metal element will guide us on a transformative journey to optimism, where we’re encouraged to recognise and embrace our genuine emotions. Like shedding burdensome weights, this step allows us to let go of negativity, creating space for genuine self-acceptance. Moving forward, the Hope phase beckons us, further drawing inspiration from the Μetal’s transformative journey. Here, optimism, warmth, belonging, and joy become not just ideals but tangible realities.

As you navigate these affirmations, remember that true beauty surrounds you—in the world and within yourself. So, this Christmas, grant yourself the gift of authenticity. You need not feign happiness or conform to societal expectations. Instead, embark on a journey of self-discovery, acknowledging and transforming your emotions.Let the affirmations guide you, leading you from acceptance to the hopeful embrace of the season’s radiant beauty.

Wishing you a transformative and authentic festive season, Marina

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