Spring brought with it much needed fresh seedlings of hope for the universe. Now, at last, we enter Summer and things really are about to change and to blossom. Especially if we can understand that that change comes from within us. It is only when we take sovereignty of our internal world, that our outer world starts to change. This is an idea we really try and instil on all our retreats, where healing can lead to more inner knowing and greater joy.  

I invite you to please read our Euphoria Methodos post to understand more about opening your heart to joy and the importance of the fire element, harnessing passion, and living with intent during the summer months. For anyone seeking further inspiration or ignition, I can highly recommend our Feel Alive Again retreat. This is an immersive experience that’s ideal for anyone feeling exhausted, bored, confused, lost or numb. I urge you to take control of your destiny and know that the power is all yours to make and be the change. 

In the meantime, stay strong, stay true, stay open.

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