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Autumn reflections & the Metal Element


Autumn reflections & the Metal Element

Connecting to the metal element is important because it helps us to come into awareness of what we need to release, to feel the loss, to grieve and then to move on. When we connect to the metal element we are able to graciously let go of that which is no longer relevant or serving us (friends,work, a way of eating, a mindset) and keep what is of value, which is often the lessons in our experiences. When we hold on to what is valuable and golden, it can flourish again when spring comes. It is no surprise that this season is associated with the lungs and large intestine. The lungs follow this same process of letting go. They breathe in air, nourish the body with oxygen and release carbon dioxide. The large intestine also obviously helps the body expel what is no longer needed whilst retaining life-enforcing nutrients.

Those who have difficulty with letting go or valuing themselves often find themselves suffering withconstipation. The first step in letting go is to establish your own self-worth so that you can stand up for your values. When we do this we can surrender with purpose, trusting that whilst we are in charge of our destiny to a certain degree, when things become too much, we can step back and let things unfold so that a solution or divine intervention can come into play and solve the issues. The next step in what is likely a painful process, is to feel into it, let the emotions (often strong or repressed) rise to the surface, hold nothing back, feel the melancholia of the season, mourn and cry.

Through this release comes ‘catharsis’, a Greek word which means to purify and purge emotions so that you can come into a state of restoration and renewal. If you think of the Greek tragedies, where a lot of dark actions occupy the plot (murder, violence, deceit, incest), in the end, order is always restored through catharsis. The process of letting go and allowing things to fall into a new place with an attitude of – what will be, will be – allows for the magical, alchemical manifestation of the final solution.

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