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The birth of summer and the Fire Element


The birth of summer and the Fire Element

The fire element of Summer is associated with the heart, our most precious of organs. In ancient Chinese Medicine, the heart was described as the ‘Supreme Controller’ and was compared to an emperor, half-god and half-human, and a means to connect with the world of the heavens and the spirits. In Christianity, the Holy Spirit is also represented by fire. In real life, when our hearts become unbalanced, we can feel anxious, jumpy or panicky, and we can act out in the ‘heat of the moment’, without taking time to think. Instead, we become overtaken by feelings which have been boiling under the surface. Or, if our fire goes out, we can feel sad and joyless.

Conversely, when the heart is balanced, we feel the opposite – safe, peaceful, settled – and this allows us to give and receive love and to ‘warm’ to other people. So, if you want to look after your inner flame, you need to look after your heart, which means being committed to finding inner peace and contentment and living in integrity. Perhaps this is our greatest challenge: to let go of control and, instead of operating from the mind, live from an open heart. When we tune in to our deepest desires and truisms we invite in higher frequencies, those spirits and the heavens, and we can begin to transfer the trust we feel in ourselves into the divine. That’s when the magic happens.

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