Water types


Water personalities are like children. They love beginnings, have a lot of fantasy and imagination, are playful, and can be very persistent when they want something. Whilst they often have great ideas and have the creative power of life in them, if they don’t ground what they want or underpin it with a structure or a plan, they often don’t accomplish their visions and are not so good at completing the act.

They are often very creative and love music, the arts, painting and have an abstract mind.They can be indecisive as they like to keep all opportunities open and ‘in flow’. When out of balance water types can drop into fear which creates inertia and paralysis but the higher frequency of water, which eliminates this fear, is the ability to become wise to our fears and cultivate an aspect of philosophy and deep thinking.

The ideal time to do this is, of course, winter, a darker more intimate time of the year when we are invited to come closer to ourselves and drop into contemplation.

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