Feel Alive Again


New for 2021: Our "Feel Alive Again" Special Retreat Designed and Hosted by Marina

New for 2021, Euphoria’s Feel Alive Again programme is a group retreat offered for 3-8 guests and hosted and run by our effervescent founder Marina and the wonderfully wise Mary Vandorou. Designed to offer post pandemic rest, recovery and renewal, this retreat is a four-night immersion which can run as a layered addition to one of Euphoria’s other wellness programmes, or experienced by itself with additional treatments as you wish. The schedule runs for three hours in the morning, so your afternoons are free to relax and enjoy our spa facilities and therapies.

Combining Five Element meditation, body work, breath work, art therapy, expressive dance, performance, journaling, forest treasure hunts, music, mood boards and a closing fire ceremony – this thoughtfully calibrated retreat is for anyone looking to step into the new, feel like themselves again and restore energy and vigour to their lives. Marina and Mary act as mentors and guides, holding you thorough an emotionally cleansing process where you can integrate the personal and social changes triggered by the pandemic, release pent up stress, disappointments and anxiety and step out of fear and into a new found appreciation and trust in life. Read more about the retreat here.

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