Christmas decorations on wooden background

Christmas Time

Embrace Love this Christmas and take part in our Activity Calendar!

Tis the season to be jolly, thankful and appreciative. After another particularly challenging year filled with highs and lows, it is easy to feel depleted, left out, and without a sense of direction. With Christmas just around the corner though, all that can change. Focussing on one’s inner peace and getting in touch with loved ones is what Christmas is about. It’s a season of giving and receiving. That’s why it’s “Time to Embrace Love”.

Euphoria Retreat’s holistic philosophy encompasses the five traditional elements of water, wood, fire, earth, and metal. As the year comes to an end with winter taking autumn’s place, the elements change too. The melancholic metal element of autumn gives way to winter’s water element, where we are called to recharge our batteries, connect with our roots and dream of new beginnings.

Our uplifting Christmas programme entails a different activity every day, running for 18 days, beginning on December 20th, all the way through to January 5th.
The  activities can be grouped into:

– Workshops featuring Christmas arts & crafts and traditional Greek food preparation.

– Workshops and Meditations focused on developing one’s self and preparing for the new year.

– Fun group activities, such as carol singing, game nights, dancing, and a Secret Santa present exchange.


Making the best out of Christmas - Decoration Workshop

You will be starting things off by making unique handcrafts and decorations, to get into the Christmas spirit.


Embracing your inner pastry Chef

Learn how to make festive traditional Greek Christmas sweets, such as Kourabiedes and Melomakarona.


Festive Make (up) my day

Release that festive inner glow and let us teach you some festive makeup techniques.


Enjoy an immersive Sound healing session With Gongs and crystal bowls

Let your mind travel freely.


Depicting Love in the Air

Enjoy a relaxing and fun activity of Pictionary Air.


Celebrate the Christmas Spirit

A day that has it all. A mosaic workshop to make gifts for Secret Santa, a gala dinner with live music, and carol singing with a local orchestra.


In the Pursuit of Love

Embrace your inner child and take part in a treasure hunt that will teach you how to love yourself and others.


Remember to Embrace Yourself

Festive meditation and fun Polaroid pictures to cherish.


You can’t build a House without Love

We’re going to be making gingerbread houses and putting all our love in decorating them


Embracing your inner pastry Chef: Pt. 2

Christmas is about love and being sweet. Learn how to make traditional Greek festive sweets!


The Tree of Happiness and Love

It’s time we said thank you and planted the seed of love. We’ll make our own wishing cards and then decorate them on our “Tree of Wishes”.


Embrace your Creations

Time to learn how to make a mosaic and have some fun with Pictionary Air


Time to Embrace Being Alive

It’s all about music today. Carol singing and, later on, live music from a Jazz & Latin band.


Festive Make (up) my day, Pt. 2

It’s a New Year, a new You. Let us teach you festive makeup techniques, making the best of this newfound energy.


Enjoy an immersive Sound healing session With Gongs and crystal bowls

Let your mind travel freely.


Embracing Gratitude

A workshop on the deeper meaning of gratitude and how we can implement it in our lives.


Cooking for your Body

Your body will be grateful for this. A Detox cooking workshop.


Listening to our Body

Final day and we’ll learn what our body yearns and is grateful for. We’ll also be singing Epiphany Carols.