At Euphoria Retreat, your wellness holidays in Europe take place at the edge of a  legendary forest. 

Introductory programmes for Wellness holidays in Europe


Check in, unplug, and turn over a new leaf. Located in the legendary and soul-stirring Mystras area of the Peloponnese, Greece, Euphoria Retreat is just what you need to bring balance to your life, connect with your soul, recharge your batteries and feel more elevated than ever before. The plethora of programmes, retreats, and treatments for inner harmony and alignment are all aimed at nurturing your highest self. That’s one of the main reasons why Euphoria Retreat came to be.  Here is a destination where you can nourish body, soul, and mind through an extensive and thorough approach that wraps all the wisdom of holistic wellness from East and West, under one roof. And all this takes place in a fabled land of pristine nature. Within the vicinity of a UNESCO heritage site – the Byzantine castle of Mystras basking in the background. Where you will be in good hands.

After all, Euphoria Retreat was founded on a  personal journey of reawakening. With that in mind, let’s delve into why Euphoria Retreat in Mystras, Greece is ideal for wellness holidays in Europe.



Introductory retreats for a euphoric way of living

So it seems that you are interested in taking the first steps of your journey to incorporate holistic wellness into your daily life. But where does one begin? Unravelling our personal wellness journey can be a challenge for some. The following are carefully-crafted introductory retreat programmes that we recommend especially for our first-time guests. They aim at initiating you into a state of euphoria before deep-diving into more specialised programmes for achieving a holistic state of true wellness.

Our everyday lives often resemble a manic pursuit of happiness. To this end, we often feel exhausted since we are constantly having to deal with various day-to-day stresses and pressures and forget to pause and look into ourselves. We need to become more aware of the present moment and focus on what matters most. This may start by exploring some self-care rituals to feel more aligned with yourself.

If you’re often feeling nervous, irritable, or stretched out, there is an introductory programme that will recalibrate your mindset. Being constantly on edge and sapped of energy is not sustainable. And this is what the Relax & De-stress sets out to tackle. It is designed to calm your body and soothe your mind. With a minimum three-day stay, you’ll pick up effective techniques to manage and dispel stress, including gentle movement exercises and meditation to ease tension leaving you feeling profoundly relaxed and renewed. For a truly transformative journey, consider extending to five or seven days.

It is a fantastic first choice if you want a soft initiation to start off your well-being journey during your wellness holidays in Europe.

And while we may have the best of intentions most of the time, everyday grievances build-up and work silently, gradually chipping away at your balance and inner peace. This often takes its toll on interpersonal relations with your other half, so it is key to make sure you fan the flames of love regularly. If you and your significant other have been feeling out of tune, and yearn to reconnect and rekindle the spark between you, then the Euphoria Escape for Couples is the right on for you.

This couples itinerary immerses you in an indulgent time-out for two that includes facials, massages and hammam treatments that induce maximum euphoria, boost your mood for reconnection and intimacy and reignite the passion you had for one another. Of course, you may enjoy these treatments together or separately, choosing to reconnect with yourself first before letting your partner in to share that sacred space of holding each other’s energy.

It is an ideal wellness retreat tailored to couples seeking a romantic getaway that will leave you feeling rejuvenated, more carefree and with a renewed taste for life and romance.

We hope to have given you a greater understanding on how your wellness holidays in Europe  begin to take holistic form at Euphoria Retreat. We view the individual as a whole, and believe that achieving the highest state of wellness is a game of balance within the individual but also in relation to the world around them. You cannot control the things that happen around you, but you can control how you act and how you react to them. By achieving greater harmony within, our spirit becomes more fortified and our well-being is less susceptible to external parameters.

In case you need more support in finding the right programme for your personal journey towards harmonious living, do not hesitate to reach out to us with your questions or concerns. We will get back to you to begin a discussion about how we can help you reach your personal wellness goals during your wellness holidays in Europe at Euphoria Retreat.

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