Holistic Wellbeing Holidays for Singles


In our fast-paced world, wellbeing holidays are one of the most valuable gifts we can give ourselves. They offer the chance to detach from daily stresses and follow the path of self-discovery and improvement. Wellbeing holidays for singles are especially meaningful, empowering individuals to focus entirely on their personal needs and growth. And Euphoria Retreat, a sanctuary tucked away in the legendary heart of Greece, provides the perfect destination for holistic and transformative wellbeing escapes for singles. They are the  perfect opportunity to focus on your personal well being without external distractions, discovering ways to connect with yourself, listen to your inner voice and take a step back from the frantic rhythm of life.

Benefits of Wellbeing Holidays for Singles with us

Travelling solo for wellbeing lets you break away from what holds you down, and explore new places – around you and within you – as you engage in activities that nurture a greater sense of awareness. Here are some of the ways that wellbeing breaks for singles at Euphoria Retreat can have a positive ripple-effect in your day-to-day.

Personal Growth and Transformation: Euphoria Retreat is dedicated to guiding and assisting individuals who want to make a change in their life. We are by your side, facilitating personal growth, to hold your hand, literally and figuratively, along your path of transformation – but how far you go is only up to you. We will provide the safe space, the tools and the support for you to reach your highest potential.

Holistic Healing and Relaxation: We truly believe in the transformative power of holistic healing, a belief that is at the core of all our programmes. Let yourself experience the positive effects of yoga, meditation, workshops, and spa treatments that promote relaxation and alignment. All these activities will help you to unwind, reduce stress, and achieve balance and tranquillity.

Connecting with Like-Minded Individuals: Have the chance to meet people who are on a similar path as you. Connect with them through daily activities, the common lunch table or even share experiences at the spa lounge. We encourage community bonds as it enhances the overall wellbeing experience and creates lasting friendships. Wellbeing escapes for singles at Euphoria Retreat are likely to be the setting of deep and meaningful connections.

Two Recommended Programmes for Singles 

Euphoria Retreat offers various programmes & retreats that cater to different aspects of wellbeing. The work on the individual as a whole, to dispel imbalances at many levels, spanning from exercise, nutrition and activities aimed at recalibrating your inner workings, feelings and mindset. Having said that, here are two quintessential programmes that we invite solo guests to begin with:

  1. Relax & De-stress: Ideal for managing stress, this programme focuses on relieving accumulated stress and promoting relaxation through soothing treatments. It’s perfect for those who feel nervous and anxious, struggle to establish a healthy routine, or want to calm the busy chatter of their minds. This programme helps rejuvenate and re-energize, preparing you to face daily challenges with a calm mind.
  2. Emotional Harmony: This programme addresses emotional blockages and helps participants manage their feelings. Through therapies like emotional coaching, energy healing, and expressive arts, individuals can achieve emotional clarity and harmony. It’s particularly beneficial for singles looking to reconnect with their inner selves and understand their emotions better.

About Euphoria Retreat

Nestled on the foothills of Mount Taygetos, you will find the ideal destination for holistic and transformative wellbeing holidays for singles. Don’t miss the chance of visiting all the archaeological sites in the area, especially the UNESCO-listed Mystras, a centuries-old castle with a charged energy, just 5 minutes drive from the premises. Combining ancient Greek and Chinese philosophies with modern therapeutic practices, Euphoria Retreat carries the vision of creating the perfect conditions for you to thrive, guiding you on a solo journey to align mind, body and soul for achieving inner peace, rejuvenation, and longevity.

Surrounded by lush forests, this is a land of legends, and a safe space within the embrace of nature that lends itself for introspection and healing. Whether you’re looking to relax, recharge, or achieve emotional harmony, take what you need but with an attitude of giving back.

Thinking of joining us as a single guest? We would be delighted to hear from you and get to know you. Do not hesitate to contact us so that we can begin curating your wellbeing holiday and achieve your personal goals, together.

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