Personalized Holistic Medicine Journeys in Greece


The deeply mystical and otherworldly scenery of Mystras plays host to one of the most serene retreats in Greece. Amidst the lush canopy of pines and cypresses of this historic Peloponesean hamlet, you’ll find Euphoria Retreat. And with it you’ll find inner peace and balance of body and mind, through a carefully blended mix of holistic medicine and personalized consultation programmes that are pinned together by its signature 3GL treatment and advanced nutritional technologies. Euphoria Retreat specializes in holistic healing methods to address a range of ailments and imbalances often associated with the frantic pace of modern life. Our philosophy, driven by ancient healing wisdom of both East and West, looks at the individual as a whole and shines a light on areas that are not aligned with your highest self-frequency. Experience our Methodos, and get to know yourself from the beginning.


Holistic Medicine Programmes for Detox

In our modern-day culture, work and life balance is a challenging feat for most. Stress can accumulate across many fronts, stifling our energy and hindering our wellness. If you find yourselves waking up feeling lethargic, drowsy and unfocused, if you suffer from food allergies, anxiety and fatigue, then the Wellbeing Detox programme is one to look out for. It provides a vitality boost and holistic rejuvenation through a series of spa therapies, meditation sessions and holistic medicine outlook on nutritional assessment. A comprehensive nutritional plan is tailored to your body’s workings through the insight provided by the 3GL signature nutritional analysis. It will determine your antioxidant needs and inform us of the optimal way to fuel your body so that it fires up your metabolism, ridding you of toxins. The result is a healthier and more energized body, as well as a sense of calmness, and an even more radiant skin complexion.

Holistic Medicine Programmes for Weight Loss

Hindering physical and mental health, bad eating habits, stress and lack of exercise are all contributors, however, many a time it is also metabolic imbalances that are the culprits for persistent excess fat.

For those who experience frequent weight fluctuation, sudden weight gain, or a skewed fat-to-muscle ratio with resultant physical discomfort and lack of energy, Euphoria’s Weight Metabolic Management is fundamental. It uses a holistic medicine approach towards weight regulation for long-lasting results while giving you the proper tools to identify the sources. The signature 3GL Plus method is at the heart of understanding the most efficient macronutrients for your body and how it operates. In combination with our expert research, we test almost 50 of the most important biomarkers of metabolic homeostasis to better understand your body and then intervene with the most tailored program for your needs. It is a programme that does not focus on simply cutting calories, but on how to boost your metabolic system aiming to stimulate the body to increase the burn of calories and to streamline turning excess fat into slow-release energy. This is a powerful insight to have on your body’s inner workings and can help you attain optimal results long-term too. The 360 scope of this programme includes relaxing treatments, personalized nutrition and exercise, medical test and intervention, alongside with consultations.

For issues such as obesity, sports injuries, chronic illnesses and depression, perhaps the Signature Nutrigenomics Weight Loss Program is more suitable. It goes even further than metabolic assessment into a deeper understanding of your body at hormonal, genetic and cellular level through medical intervention and blood test analysis. In addition to the signature 3GL Plus method, this programme utilizes OMICS technology as well as a series of tests for a complete view and thorough holistic medicine approach to addressing your individual issues regarding nutrition and exercise habits. This programme maps out your cellular structure and allows the team of experts to understand the particularities of your body and provide a customized exercise and meal plan. At your side you’ll have doctors, a molecular biologist, hematological geneticist, homeopathic and nutritional therapists to carve out a bespoke exercise method, suited to your particular needs. We are committed to helping you achieve your goal, as long as you can commit to a change of mindset and lifestyle.



Holistic Medicine Programmes for Immunity

If you often catch colds, if you frequently feel like you are coming down with something, your immune system might be cause for concern. It regulates overall health and vitality and its role is indispensable for human well-being. Euphoria Retreat’s Immunity Reset is for guests who want to deep dive into improving their immune system and health long-term by enhancing cellular activity. This programme combines the cutting-edge OMICS technology, the special 3GL Plus method, full blood scanning, urine test analysis plus the Euphoria Methodos and consultation with our team of medical experts, molecular biotechnologists, nutritionists, and caring therapists. It is made for people who want to better understand their body, and want the most personalized holistic medicine approach to fortify their immunity levels.

Similarly, Balance and Recover is mainly aimed at improving the immune system, as well as tackling overstress and sprucing up the physical and mental state through carefully selected treatments. The programme offers a blend of energy healing, movement practices and a personalized nutrition plan that will serve as a roadmap to guide guests into a healthier future. The dietary aspect of it is vital as it helps transform daily habits into healthy practices to reawaken the body’s natural defenses while the programme will help you release tension physically and emotionally and understand where stress is held in your body.

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