Euphoria Retreat Immunity Reset Programme uses metabolic technology to boost your immune system. 

Boost Your Immune System


Euphoria Immunity Reset – 7 days

7 Days – Τhe rate of the Spa program excludes the room rate

Discover how to boost your immune system and enhance your overall well-being with our program. Explore the latest scientific findings and learn effective strategies to strengthen your immunity for lifelong health and vitality.

The Euphoria Immunity Reset program blends medical testing using OMICS technologies to detect the interaction between the cellular and metabolic function through blood and urine tests. Based on above outcome personalized antioxidant Mediterranean nutrition, scientifically targeted body workout and a variety of detoxifying treatments and rebalancing therapies for body and mind, restart, reboot and boost your immune system.

These benefits are enhanced with outdoor movement practices through our pine forest and that add to an increased connection to your authentic self. Our goal together with our scientific team is to provide guidance and inspiration towards becoming your own healer by supporting you to gain a new perspective and make positive lifestyle changes in your daily routine in order to achieve better well-functioning metabolic function and immunity. A totally personalized program based on your cellular needs.

Our team of experts and caring therapists will advise you and be with you throughout your Programme.

This program is developed in co-operation with Eucrasia.


  • 7 days 6.374€ p/p 29 Treatments
    3GL plus (Lab Test+Assessment+Urine test) 45 1
    Nutritional Guidance 60 1
    Nutritional Guidance (follow up) 30 1
    Euphoria Feedback 25 1
    Urine test (follow up) 15 1
    Wellness Consultation 30 1
    - full hormonal blood scanning of fuel (9 parametres )
    - Complete Cellular stress scanning (7 parametres include DNA oxidation)
    - Specific b.test. panel for the immunity
    a) Scanning of more than 12 active amino acids & derivatives - metabolites, via urine sample
    b) Evaluation of 50 specific metabolites-organic acids, which determine metabolic homeostasis via urine
    c) Full scanning and evaluation of 5 cytokines related to immunometabolism
    d) Full scanning of omega fatty acids
    - Full biochemical blood count - traces & minerals (6 parametres)
    - Full liver blood count scanning (7 parametres)
    Ergo physiological scanning. Detects RQ index, metabolic rates, respiratory conditions, etc 20 1
    Scientific Personalised food therapy 1
    Scientific Supervision 1
    Consultation on personalised internet platform or on site with Molecular Nutritionist, Pathologist expert and Specialist in Nutrigenomics 40 2
    Acupuncture 50 2
    Forest Fit & Energy walk 50 1
    Salt room 20 2
    Lymphatic Drainage 50 2
    Personal training session-Outdoor 60 3
    Group Mind Detox or Meditation 45 1
    Τransformation Consultation 60 2
    Feel Alive again massage 80 1
    Detox Cupping Massage 50 2
    Daily Biofunctional Smoothy & Snack according to the nutritional analysis and assessment
    Breakfast - Lunch - Dinner according to the nutritional guidance
Add on Treatments
  • 7 Days
    Acupuncture with energy work 80 2
    Watsu 50 1
    Forest Fit&Energy Walk 50 2
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