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Holistic Health Retreat by


Holistic Health Retreat by

Five Days, the Munich-based medical practice for self-optimisation and aesthetics is organising a trip to Greece for the first time, where health enthusiasts will learn how to take their well-being to the highest level during five days of lectures, workshops and treatments.
Behind this is a team of experts, including Dr Julian Maurer, the renowned chiropractor Christian F.J. Waier and the host of the Euphoria Retreat in Greece, Marina Efraimoglou. At the heart of it all is our will and belief that a sustainable positive lifestyle and a healthy body and mind are achievable when people know exactly what their needs are and to take the initiative to be a better of themselves.

From “You could” to “I can”: there are good reasons why we have two “i”s in the middle of the company name. focuses on the «I» – «I» and makes this clear in its spelling. In doing so, we focus on the individuality of all patients and accompany them on their personal path to self-determined beauty, lasting health and a deep love for themselves. Founded in 2020, is run by biohacking activists and self-improvement enthusiasts, Dr. Julian Maurer and Stephanie Beckers.