Euphoria Retreat

Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat


Emotional & Physical Transformation Retreat

7 Days – Τhe rate of the Spa program excludes the room rate


  • 7th - 14th May


Booking Request
Booking Request

This retreat offers you an immersive experience of our core philosophy for joyful transformation, the concept on which Euphoria Retreat was founded. You will experience the 5 Elements system as a theory for understanding our life path – both through dialogue and experiential practices.  You will also enjoy beautiful therapies, all of which will deepen your connection to your authentic self.

The Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat is very special, devised by our founder Marina Efraimoglou as a journey of emotional, physical and spiritual renewal. Your experience, in group sessions of dialogue and embodied practice, as well as with exquisite solo treatments, conceived to open you at a soul level, is built around her heartfelt belief in the 5 Elements. This is an ancient Chinese code of understanding the natural world and how we, as humans, relate to it in terms of our physical health and psychological behaviors.

Your mornings are devoted to discovering the characteristics of each element – water, wood, fire, earth, and metal /ether –   and how you, as an individual, are affected by their characteristics, emotionally and spiritually. During the afternoon, you will enjoy therapies to balance these characteristics in you so you can overcome emotional blockages and work on physical issues with the aim of achieving your own higher potential –with joy and understanding.

You will be guided through experiential practices, therapies, and dialogues to better understand how energy flows through the 5 Elements in the universe and how your personal energy is affected by this universal energy.  This will help you restore a more harmonious flow in your emotional and physical wellbeing.

This is an unforgettable holiday: 7 days that blend ancient wisdom, contemporary approaches, natural healing practices, professional excellence, personal passion, and beautiful nature.


YOUR MENTORS: Marina Efraimoglou and Mary Vandorou. These expert women have developed their own unique approach, offering suggestions, sharing their journeys, and respecting yours.

*Available as group retreat on specific fixed dates or as private retreat.

The 7 days Emotional Physical and Transformational Retreat is bookable with all types of accommodation in room only basis.

Is the Euphoria Emotional and Physical Transformation Retreat for me?

  • 7 days 3.508€ p/p 18 Treatments

    Notice on Retreats and Mini-Retreats
    The schedule of retreats can be found on our calendar here: Further to the online calendar, it is always advisable to contact the Euphoria Retreat when booking a retreat in case of any unforeseen schedule change. A retreat may be cancelled or rescheduled in the case of not reaching the minimum participation required or other circumstances beyond our control. We recommend that guests consider travel insurance as the Euphoria Retreat cannot be held responsible for expenses such as flights and travel arrangements in the event of cancellation or rescheduling. In the event of a retreat cancellation, the Euphoria Retreat offers guests the following options: 1. Refund 2. Ability to transfer the funds for a wellness program during the same dates 3. Apply the amount towards a future visit within a 12-month period.

    Medical & Holistic Consultation with bioenergetic profiling 85 1
    Euphoria Feedback 25 1
    5 Element Balancing 50 5
    Reflexology or Sanctuary for Busy Minds 50 1
    Emotional transformation and self-awareness -Group Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) (2-2.5h daily) 120 6
    Euphoria Chakra Sound Healing 60 1
    5 Element Dance Therapy 50 1
    Group dining in the candlelite private dining room with group mentors 1
    Group Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual and Meditation
    Daily breakfast -Lunch - Dinner 1
  • 7 days 4.345€ p/p 20 Treatments
    Medical & Holistic Consultation with bioenergetic profiling 85 1
    Euphoria Feedback 25 1
    5 Element Balancing 50 5
    Acupuncture 50 1
    Emotional transformation and self-awareness -Private Session Through the 5 Elements (Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal /Ether) 6
    Sanctuary for Busy Minds 50 1
    60 1
    Watsu 20 1
    Salt Room 60 1
    Private Floatation Session 20 1
    Euphoria Byzantine Hammam Ritual 60 80
    Daily breakfast -Lunch - Dinner
Add on Treatments
  • 7 Days
    Watsu 50 1
    Reflexology 50 1
    Personal Training Sesion (Yoga or Fitness) 60 2
    Private Outdoor Holistic Experience (comprising with Yoga, Aerial Yoga or Pilates) 90 1

A Note On Our Signature Nutritional Analysis And Assessment (3GL)

Our signature approach to personalised nutrition is based on the patented ‘3GL’ test, a pinprick blood test which measure the three most important biomarkers for metabolic health: glucose, glutathione and glycogen, as well as a simple urine sample which measures more than 12 active metabolites and metabolically significant amino acids. Your food during your stay will then be customized according to your results. This test has been a key factor in positioning Euphoria Retreat as a wellbeing destination spa that is making waves, not just in Greece but on the global scene. You can read more about it here.

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