The Evolve Winter Retreat 

The Evolve Winter Retreat 


Dates: January 28 to February 4

Know thyself

Inscribed on an ancient Temple of Delphi, this wisdom resonates today as we confront the stories others tell about who we are and our limits.

Our truth sometimes gets lost. To find that essential element, our truest nature, sometimes we must delve into the origin.

Between the stars that have always been there, and the roots of oldest trees finding stability in the Earth, I invite you to join me for one week at Euphoria.

Practice yoga, meditation, and breath work curated for you. Indulge in ancient and modern spa treatments. Nourish your body with the healthiest food the Earth provides.Rest under the wild blue skies.

Know your instructor:

Tioka has worked as an anthropologist and documentary filmmaker, a teacher and a writer. Yoga has kept her CONNECTED to her TRUTH, and deepest NEED: to guide people toward seeing their significance and appreciating the relevance of others.

She started practicing yoga at university, falling in love with the way asanas LENGTHEN muscles and add BALANCE and FLEXIBILITY. When medical issues pushed her to the point where she couldn’t recognize herself as the person looking back in the mirror, she felt betrayed by her body. Through yoga, she realized the opposite is true.

“Our bodies do the best they can to carry us through life. We have an innate need to MOVE toward the positive and strength, and ultimately to seek joy and abundance.”

Tioka believes in setting intentions to go beyond limitations, in an open heart, and breathing from the depths of the soul.  She believes awareness can heal, TRANSFORM and expand possibilities.

For booking information please contact us at or call us at +30 2731306111. Looking forward hearing from you. Thank you

  • Indicative Daily Schedule The EVOLVE Winter Retreat
    Indicative Daily Schedule
    Morning Vinyasa Flow   to create heat and strength
    Afternoon Hatha & Breathwork Atelier  to develop skills and flexibility
    Pilates Clinics to create muscle strength in specific areas
    Evening Yin, Restorative, & Nidra to internalize your practice. 
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