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Fitness at Euphoria

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Euphoria Fitness will help you achieve optimal health via a personalised program designed to fit your needs. This programme has been designed to support you in order to achieve mental and physical balance. It aims to improve your fitness level in a controlled and scientific manner, strengthen your muscles and increase your endurance and flexibility. One-to-one instruction and guidance from Euphoria’s fitness experts means that the programme can be adapted for those just starting out, as well as regular exercisers who want to challenge their limits. We take advantage of the beautiful surrounding nature and mild climate to workout outdoors as much as possible. You will be helped to achieve optimal health through a personalised program which includes nutritional assessment through the use of the innovative technology pattern 3GL.

3GL Therapy

Euphoria Retreat, in collaboration with Eucrasia, has developed a patented protocol that, with few drops of blood, measures the three most important biomarkers for metabolic health - glycogen, glucose and glutathione (hence 3GL) – the main endogenous antioxidants against free radicals.

Euphoria Retreat’s 3GL therapy is designed to be effective when followed by a diet of smaller, more regular meals throughout the day, which is why guests who book a Euphoria Retreat spa programme will benefit from two complimentary healthy snacks which not only taste delicious but also significantly boost metabolism and energy levels.

Use of the complimentary fitness and spa facilities, as recommended by your consultant, include outdoor or indoor swimming pool with hydrotherapy jets, Kneipp, Finnish sauna, steam bath, Cold Plunge, Cold Ice Mist and Tepidarium.

Also included are complimentary herbal fusions, fresh and dry snacks; attendance of daily Euphoria Wellness scheduled activities & workshops including lectures, cooking classes, meditation, fitness classes, yoga, TRX, Chi Gong, Pilates. (Subject to change).

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